Course Material

Social Media as a Source for Research Data

Workshop at National Center for Research Methods, UK. Southampton, July 27-28, 2016.


  • Part 1: Introduction – Social Media Platforms and their Users. View slides: Section1_introduction
  • Part 2: A first glance at different kinds of social media data. View slides: Section2_data
  • Part 3: From personality traits to election prediction – an overview of current approaches in social media research. View slides: Section3_literature
  • Part 4: An outlook to computational social science. View slides: section4_css
  • Part 5: Tools and methods for data collection, secondary use of collected datasets. View slides: Section5_Tools
  • Part 6: A closer look at the data – data quality and representativeness. View slides: Section6_data-quality
  • Part 7: Practical examples in designing research projects based on social media data, with consideration of: research ethics, feasibility, quality, reproducibility. View slides:
  • Part 8: Conclusions.