As part of the GESIS workshop series, I am currently planning new training workshops for social scientists who want to start using social media data as basis for their research. If you are interested in this, please do not hesitate to get in toch with me!




Past classes / regular classes: 

While I was working at HHU Düsseldorf I have regularly tought classes for students in information science (bachelor, master). Furthermore, I have supervised and reviewed bachelor and master theses. Here is a detailed list of the courses I have taught:

  • Studi 2.0 – Der mitforschende Student [student 2.0 – the student researcher]. Interactive seminar for advanced students. Students carry out their own research projects and publicly present their results.
    Tought yearly 2009-2012, together with Isabella Peters.
  • Grundlagen der Social Media Forschung: Möglichkeiten und Herausforderungen bei der Arbeit mit Facebook, Youtube und Co. [Introduction to social media resaerch: chances and challenges of working with Facebook, YouTube and co.].
    Class at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, summer 2014. Held together with Dr. Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda.
  • Team project for master students: Summer 2014/Winter 2014-15.
  • Information Retrieval.
    Supplementary exercises for the information retrieval lecture by Prof. Wolfgang Stock. Introduction to information retrieval models and the history of information retrieval.
    Tought in winter term 2011/12.
  • Conference Tweets.
    Team project for master students. Students carried out a research study on how Twitter is used during scientific conferences. Results have been published in Proceedings of the ISI 2012.
    Summer 2010.
  • Inhaltserschließung [indexing].
    Introduction to abstracting and indexing, using different classification systems and thesauri.
    Tought yearly 2007-2013.
  • Aufbau von Wissensordnungen [building knowledge organization systems].
    Theoretical foundations of knowledge representation are applied to practically developing ontologies. Students create their own ontologies with the ontology editor Protégé.
    Tought yearly 2007-2013.
  • Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten [scholarly practices].
    Introduction to scholarly practices like academic writing, database research, citation styles (for undergraduate students).
    Tought in 2007/08, 20009/10, 2011.
  • Berufsfelder der Informationswissenschaft [fields of work for information scientists].
    Course for advanced bachelor students. The course provides an overview on companies and industrial sectors and includes visiting the Online Information exhibition in London.
    Winter 2006/07.
  • Empirische Informationswissenschaft [informetrics].
    Scientometric and informetric theories are applied in small exemplary case studies.
    Tought in summer 2006.

Courses organized by the researchers group “science and the internet”:

  • Interdisciplinary PhD class: Science and the Internet.
    Series of lectures with discussions on scholarly practices on the Internet (e.g. database search, online publishing, empirical online research, evaluating scientific output).
    Summer 2011. The list of topics as well as videos of most of the talks is available (in German), including my presentation on information retrieval and database search (with Isabella Peters).
  • Media Trainings.
    Training courses for academics, including topics like introduction to blogging for scientists and introduction to e-learning environments. Courses were held in Düsseldorf in summer 2012 and were also broadcasted live via Adobe Connect for online participants. Videos of the sessions are available, including my session on “Twitter for researchers” (in German).


  • Lehrauftrag an der TH Köln, im berufsbegleitenden Lehrgang “Geprüfter Fachwirt / Geprüfte Fachwirtin für Medien- und Informationsdienste”.
    “Arbeitsabläufe und Prinzipien der Erschließung in Informations- und Dokumentationsstellen”. Unterrichtseinheit im Bereich „Produkte und Dienstleistungen in Einrichtungen des Informationswesens“.